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Product Order Powder coated Painted
Windrow P/U Trailer - (1 AXLE)
20 Foot Basic Trailer (2 Axles)
25&30 Foot Basic Trailer (3 Axles)
30 Foot Basic Trailer (4 Axles)
36 Foot Basic Trailer (3 Axles)
36 Trailer
39 Trailer
42 Trailer


15 inch Wheels and Tyres
Spare Tyre and Rim (185 X 14-8PLY)
Spare Tyre and Rim (185 (30 X 9.50 R15LT)
Electric Brake Kit (per axle)
Brake-away Brake Kit (without battery)
Led Lighting Kits (brake turn rear)
Led Lighting Kits (brake turn rear clearance)
Tow Bar (for Header)
Tool Boxes incl.Mounts (1100 X 500 X 350) (up to 3 per trailer)
Mesh Floor Panels (in chassis) (up to 2 per trailer)
Gal Mud Guards - Steel Brackets 3 per Axle
40mm Ring Feeder Coupling
Special Requirements: